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2017 best graphics cards to play smooth on PC

Published on by Moudir

Graphics cards are the most common chips used by both gamers and designers when it comes to choosing the best graphics card 2017 and also for 2018 it’s really hard and there are a lot of choices we can get in touch with

Best graphics card 2017 for gaming and VR

It all depends on what you are willing to use it for, so if you are a gamer, the question that you need to ask your self is:

what are the kind of games I'm going to play and how many FPS I wanna hit?

 so if the game is only 30 fps you will not need a 600 dollars video card, so for that matter making sure which kind of games we play defines the best graphics card that we want to have in 2017.

There are many types of cards, the two major ones are the NVIDIA and the AMD. But if you are a designer seeking to use it for 3D max and Maya purposes to design easy objects than a small one will absolutely do the job. For that matter make sure to not get only the most expensive one out there.

Because it’s not always the expensive the best. there is also a major question that been asked frequently of how the graphics cards work for that matter we share with you this video guide

VR or console or PC

When it comes to gaming a lot of people and new gamers have troubles choosing a gaming platform from the different choices they have.

whether to get a PC or a console like the ps3 or a VR.If we talk about VR it’s not that famous for the mean while but it’s for sure a futurist and needs actually a great best graphics card development in the future.
But when it comes to PC and LAPTOPS they are king of gaming and called old school gaming platforms all real gamers use the PC as their main gaming platform and they buy the most expensive best graphics card on the market.

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Welcome to my new blog!

Published on by Oufida

This is my first post, I will be adding new ones soon. Welcome my friends and family to this place where I will be sharing my thoughts and my ideas through word.

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